What Is The Best Joint Supplement Dogs and Horses Most Benefit?

The best joint supplement dog or horses benefit from the cutting edge formulations. The aim is to provide natural means of easing joint discomfort, due to rigorous training or protection from wear and tear processes. Dogs and horses have a short lifespan and caring for them in the most natural and efficient way promotes longevity and vitality. Dogs for example, may be stricken with joint discomfort at a young age due to genetic predisposition. Another factor is the dog’s age, which joints can sustain damage due to injury or normal wear and tear. Horses, on the other hand, leisure or work, can also suffer from joint strain, exacerbating lesions.

Providing a natural yet highly effective joint health supplement is crucial to help ease discomfort of our pets to the bare minimum. In this section, the best supplement for dogs is The Jusuru Pet Blend and for horses, Liquid Biocell Equine. These products come from the same manufacturer of the world’s most effective anti-aging and joint health supplement for humans. If you are already familiar with Liquid Biocell Life series, the manufacturer also turn its attention to provide help for our pets. Carrying the same award winning formulation, the products’ benefits include direct influence on the proliferation of collagen matrix. This natural method of joint restoration precludes the need for surgery or any invasive treatments. One parallel benefit is to replace diminished collagen, while providing additional joint support from Hyaluronic Acid and Chondroitin sulfate.

Joint Discomfort: What to Watch Out For

Dogs, Horses or even cats may develop some kind of condition sometime in their lives. Joint discomfort is just one of the symptoms to watch out for. Such discomfort may cause debility, which is unnoticeable at first, and then our pets may develop complete lameness. Our pets have a tendency to show off to us. To your disappointment, your pet may show no delight in his normal routine. Training and normal daily activity can put a strain on our pets’ joints. Contributing factors are age, body shape, weight and trauma. The joints are a complex mix of connective tissues, tendons and bones, which requires certain nutrients to function properly. Damage can occur due to wear and tear. Just like humans, when the joints are damaged, debility and discomfort stems from bones rubbing together because the ligaments wear out.

Furthermore, damaged joints may also stem from lost or diminished synovial fluid, which serve as cushion and lubricant, in order for the body part to move freely and efficiently. When this happens, your pet may lose interest in performing daily tasks. Our pets may have difficulty running, walking, or even getting up. These are not behavioral issues, they are hurting. Luckily, we have now supplements to provide the best of the best benefits necessary to treat and prevent discomfort. Supplements can also help restore joint health due to wear and tear.

Our Pet Dog Deserves the Best Joint Supplement

Pet blend bottles
Following the success of Jusuru Liquid Biocell Life products, the makers of this product saw a huge potential for our pets. Like humans, dogs may also have joint discomforts. The strain on the joints is caused by training, trauma, and natural wear and tear process. Pet Blend is specially formulated to deliver the same results to provide to promote normal joints structure. The special formulation precludes ingredients that may cause allergic reactions. Pet Blend is clinically tested to give our pets the right dosage to supplement diminished collagen in the body.

Pet's joints

Pet Blend’s quick absorbing formula ensures that your pets have ample supply of hydrolyzed collagen that promotes rigid joints and proliferation of connective tissues. It also helps maintain healthy cartilage that act as shock absorbers for that comfortable run and walk for as long as possible. That becomes possible due to the addition of Chondroitin sulfate that also promotes shinier and healthier coat. Lastly, Hyaluronic acid helps reserve and maintains skin moisture. The result is an amazingly rigid joints, connective tissues, and cartilage.

Best Joint Supplement Horses Can Benefit

Horses are hardworking animals, which makes them vulnerable to joint discomfort due to wear and tear, as well as injury. The joints can strain due to everyday routine of running, striding, and also pulling coaches. Liquid Biocell Equine is specifically formulated to provide complete supplement to promote joint health. The horses’ shoulders, ankles, hock and stifle can sustain deformation, and wear and tear. Equine does incredible effects to these body parts to promote natural cartilage, tendon and joints restoration. It also serves as a protective and preventative supplement.

Equine Bottles

Equine contains hydrolyzed collagen type II, hyaluronic acid (HA), and chondroitin sulfate (CS). These natural occurring proteins and peptides are most effective in managing joints discomfort. First, the collagen is fast absorbing to supplement lost proteins that support strong joints. HA, helps promote natural skin hydration, and with the addition of chondroitin sulfate, it works together to produce shiny coat, healthy blood, eyes, and healthy joints. Clinical tests show that these ingredients not only supplement naturally occurring peptides but proved to be very active once ingested in the body.

HA, collagen and CS helps natural proliferation of other types of collagen matrix to form a complete network of connective tissues. This means that ligaments and tendons also benefit from Equine’s special formulation. Daily intake ensures powerful effects to promote healthy blood circulation, shiny coat, healthy bones, connective tissues, and skin.

Benefiting Humans and Pets

The Jusuru Life Blend Series provides fast, affordable, safe, and effective results in a few weeks. Both humans and pets that may have joint discomfort and aging skin can enjoy astounding results. Clinical tests and trials ensures that each dosage provides ample supply of antioxidants and proteins that support healthy skin, joints, eyes, skin, blood and bones. Lastly, our pet dog, cat or horse can also help avoid joint discomfort. The Jusuru products are safe supplements that can also serve as preventative measures to maintain strong and normal joints. The nutraceutical approach is helps millions of pet dogs, cats, and horses around the world. The safe and affordable supplement also brings peace of mind to owners, knowing that their pets have the best care possible.

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What’s New With Joint Supplement Dogs?

Vet experts are now looking into a new joint supplement dogs to address specific problems your pet may have.


Patented Liquid BioCell Collagen was awarded in 2011 as the best joint and bone supplement. Following the success of its predecessor, Liquid BioCell Pet is specially formulated for our pet friends. Both products contain the most important components of animal and human cartilage, bone and joint. Hydrolyzed collagen and low molecular hyaluronic acid (HA) are of vital importance to maintain healthy joints and bones, as well as hair and skin.

Pet blend bottles

Our pets can be susceptible to joint and ligament damage. Performing daily tasks such as running or walking can eventually cause the ligament and joints to wear out. Even more so, with other breeds, not to mention they could be predisposed developmental and degenerative issues.

According to James L. Cook of the Comparative Orthopedic Laboratory at the University of Missouri and Columbia, dogs may develop arthritis and elbow dyspepsia. If your pet have arthritis and left untreated, it can lead to osteoarthritis. Corrective therapies can help your pet with developmental problems. On the other hand, degenerative issues like arthritis needs supplement that can provide necessary effects to prevent ligament and bone degeneration due to wear and tear or injuries. Your pet may show signs of lameness, limping, having trouble going up and down, or swelling in the joint area. We do not want our pets to suffer, so we give them the best care possible.

The far reaching success of Liquid BioCell Life to help treat joint and ligament discomfort and degradation now extends its arms to help our pets. This time, the specially formulated joint health supplement can help bring your pet’s vitality back inside out. In a few weeks, your pets can resume its active and pain free activities you both love so much.

How Liquid Biocell Pet Can Help

For optimum joint health, your vet may prescribe collagen, hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate separately. You would be happy to know that the Liquid BioCell Pet is a complete supplement that is only designed to treat degenerative issues of your dog but also your cat. Of course, we did not forget about cat lovers. Cats may have 9 lives but they can also have issues at some point in their lives. Canine and feline articular cartilage is identical, so it is also a cat joint supplement.

Pet's joints

Consider the following benefits:

  1. Liquid Biocell Pet is liquid and Bio-Optimized. This means that the formula is so advanced that your pet can get the best benefits at every dose. The rapid absorption allows the nutrients to supplant the needed bone and cartilage nourishment to make it strong and healthy. The cellular level activity involves replacing the lost nutrients in the joint areas, propagating the renewal of tissues. The joints well lubricated and active.

  2. Clinical Test shows that with regular dose, you can see much improvement in cat and dogs activities in as little as three weeks. Discomfort diminishes, joints dramatically restores, and in 2 months, the is no need for pain relievers anymore. Your pets can resume their active lifestyle commensurate to your own. Furthermore, you can start to give Pet Blend to your pets as young as 6 months to help protect the bones and joints from degradation or progression from arthritis to osteoarthritis. It is both a protection and treatment at the same time.

  3. Clinical studies show no overdose not side effects. The Bioavailability of the nutrients makes it easier for your pets to assimilate quickly. In a month, the skin also restores, making the coat shine. The nutrients also help propagate the production of keratin with is a major component of hair.

  4. The eyes also benefit from Pet Blend as hyaluronic acid helps replace lost fluids, keeping your dogs’ cataract free. Similarly, when the bones fortify, the gums also benefit from the nutrients. Collagen keeps the gingival tissues together, so the dogs and cats have strong set of teeth.

If you think Liquid BioCell thought about humans, dogs and cats, think again. Liquid Biocell also designed a supplement for horses. Breeders and trainers use Liquid Biocell Equine, made especially for horses. Mammals, in fact have similar need for nutrients found in Liquid BioCell products. Horses are also hardworking and strong. However, they too can have the same issues, like us or our pets.

Equine Bottles

The multi-patented formula is also designed to be fast acting. The direct delivery system works quickly to provide support while decreasing discomfort. Equine is the best supplement by far to provide excellent flexibility and functions of your horse’s joints, ligaments and tendons. The advanced horse joint supplement deliver high performance during competition and a suitable way to help protect the joint structures while training. Remember, Equine has the same ingredients, formulation, bioavailability, and nutrients, only for horses.

Money and Life Saving Efforts Now

Nutraceuticals provide many a great opportunities to be healthy inside out. The antiaging and bone restoration effects all rolled into one also extends to our pet friends and also horses. This direct approach works due to its Bio-Optimized ingredients, enabling the body to absorb the nutrients and work at a molecular level.

According to George Malnati, a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Surgeons, Pet Blend and Equine are “Made of the basic building blocks of the body and It’s worked on every pet I’ve used”. He also prescribed the supplement for post surgery care, pets that have been treated for developmental conditions. The supplement provides the needed nutrients to help heal wounds quicker, restore joint structure, as well as fortifying it.

Having a supplement that has the power to provide quick results mean saving money on surgeries and medical interventions. Pet owners like you can save a lot of money from giving your pets pain relievers and other medications for a long time. The swift, effective benefits offers time consuming trips to clinics too.

You can now start enjoying time with your pets and less time worrying about the outcome of the treatment. Perfecting the formula precludes side effects, so our pets heal quickly and hop about in no time at all. Give your pets the best treatment. The best does not mean expensive, it also means affordable, highly effective and safe.

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Benefits Of Dog Joint Supplement For Pets

It is not surprise that many pet owners want the very best supplements for their dogs. An average life span of a dog is around 12 years, but as he gets older, he may face some musculoskeletal problems. Some breeds are prone to joint problems, and hence the reason Jusuru Pet Blend has come up with a natural solution. Find out about the benefits of dog joint supplement as the natural way to treat your beloved pet.

Jusuru Pet Blend provides dogs with a multi-patented liquid biocell supplement that is ready to absorb and contains many beneficial properties. Collagen is a protein that is most abundant in the body and provides the structural framework of muscle tissues in order to keep pets’ joints active and supple. Another ingredient, chondroitin sulfate is found in cartilage of joints and skin dermis. This element keeps your pet’s coat shiny and healthy.

Thanks to the patented technology of liquid biocell, the hyaluronic acid in this supplement adds moisture to the animal’s body and is a fast-acting ingredient. If you give your dog this product, you will help increase his HA levels by 60-fold in a one month period. It won’t take long for your furry friend to start gaining his strength and live a happier life.

Jusuru Life Blend was originally designed for humans as some pets are allergic to the fruits that are in this drink. This is the reason the manufacturer of liquid biocell made some changes to the ingredients in order to make this supplement safe and effective for pets. There is no need to give your animal glucosamine as Jusuru has gone a step beyond this by creating critical nutrients such as collagen, chondroitin sulfate and HA.

Feeding your pet with these precise compounds that are derived from a single, natural source makes biocell collagen highly effective. In fact, extensive studies came to the conclusion that glucosamine did not provide the desired result. However, liquid biocell showed significant improvement in the dog’s joint and muscle health.

The best thing about this powerful formulation is that it works right away. Noticeable changes occur within a matter of hours. Your pet’s HA levels are increased with two or three hours and he will start feeling better within a few weeks. It must be noted that a minimum of three months is recommended before your furry friend will start feeling completely healthy again.

Jusuru Pet Blend is specifically designed for shiny coat and joint health. If you continue giving your pet this product as part of his typical diet, you can be sure that his health will be maintained. For joint health purposes, it is sufficient to use liquid biocell alone without the need to include multi-vitamins in your pet’s diet.

Every pet owner is concerned about the health his furry friend so it is only natural that people seek the best products on the market. Jusuru provides pets with the building blocks their cartilage needs in order to regain what has been lost over the years. The result is shinier coat, more comfortable running, walking, and fetching, and overall a happier pet.

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The Most Effective Way To Ease Dog Joint Pain

Many dogs develop osteoarthritis and other problems with their joints. Some breeds are genetically predisposed to joint degeneration, especially in the hips and elbows. Some dogs develop problems as they grow older and ligaments degenerate and lose their stability. Regardless of the cause, pet owners are looking for effective ways to ease dog joint pain and improve their pet’s quality of life.

Many pets will endure painful joints without any sign to their owners that they are experiencing discomfort. This often makes it difficult to catch arthritis in its earliest stages. In some cases, the owner may notice that the pet is not as active as it once was. Even though it is a condition associated with older animals, young dogs can experience reduced mobility and flexibility. Dogs starting to have problems may sleep more and play less than they used to. They may have trouble walking on stairs and jumping up on the couch or bed. Severe limping after standing up with improved flexibility after moving around is another sign of this condition.

In the past, veterinarians have relied on various medications, including NSAIDs and steroids, to treat animals with this condition. Due to the development of ulcers, kidney problems, and other negative side effects, more vets these days are turning to natural joint supplements to improve mobility and eliminate pain. Glucosamine and chondroitin are two supplements that can help the body repair connective tissue and protect existing cartilage from stress by promoting hydration.

Liquid BioCell is a supplement containing a nutraceutical known as BioCell Collagen TF, which helps maintain joint flexibility and promotes connective tissue health. The product is 100 percent natural and has a high level of bioavailability meaning the body can rapidly absorb it. The principal elements are hyaluronic acid, chondroitin sulfate and collagen.

The protein collagen is present in high levels in the second layer of skin and in joint cartilage. It is responsible for keeping the joints hydrated and optimizes movement. It also plays a role in skin’s elasticity and resilience.

The body uses chondroitin sulfate to aid in its repair of damaged connective tissue. This substance helps joints achieve full range of motion and aids in maintaining their structural integrity. It is a sulfated glycosaminoglycan, which attaches itself to proteins and some studies indicate it helps keep existing cartilage hydrated, offering protection against impacts. A dog’s body experiences a reduction in the production of chondroitin sulfate with age, which is why it is useful for treating older dogs suffering with arthritis.

Hyaluronic acid is present throughout the body. It is a major component of cartilage as well as the fluid surrounding the joints. The fluid plays numerous roles including absorbing shock, lubricating the joint, and delivering nutrients to the tissues.

Unlike other supplements given to treat arthritis, Liquid BioCell provides multiple components that play a role in healthy connective tissues and joints. The patented formula is easily absorbed so the body receives the full range of benefits from the ingredients. In addition to improving flexibility and range of motion, it contributes to the overall health of the animal.

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Pain Relief Dog Arthritis Sufferers Need

Just like humans, dogs are subject to wear and tear on their joints. In time, they may develop stiffness and inflammation and this can seriously hinder mobility. Here is some important information on Jusuru Pet Blend made for dogs with osteoarthritis.

There are many products on the market today to help pets with joint problems. Many of them contain glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM, and they may have a variety of other ingredients. However, some of the most effective ingredients help the body to restore collagen, providing pain relief dog arthritis sufferers need. Collagen is what makes the skin elastic. It is also responsible for building cartilage that cushions joints as one moves about. The three active ingredients in Jusuru are chondroitin sulphate, hydrolyzed collagen type II, and hyaluronic acid.

Hyaluronic acid (also called HA) is found in the body naturally. The largest amounts of HA exist in joint and eye fluids. HA has been receiving a great deal of attention and many studies are currently being made on its effectiveness for joint problems. HA is approved for use in certain types of eye surgeries. It can be injected into the eyes to replace lost fluids. This helps with several surgical procedures including cataract removal and detached retina surgery.

Hyaluronic acid is believed to help restore certain fluids in the skin or joints. This makes it a viable option for treating wrinkles and joint problems. For example, if lubricating fluid is increased in the joints, it can help to reduce much of the discomfort that comes from arthritic conditions.

Chondroitin is an important component of cartilage. It helps to give cartilage strength and the ability to resist wear and tear. It is commonly used with oral supplements like glucosamine. However, the effectiveness of the two together has not been 100 percent proven.

Many people are finding some degree of relief from osteoarthritis with chondroitin. In fact, recent studies reveal that chondroitin can help to relieve pain associated with joint problems. This may be due to the fact that chondroitin is part of cartilage and can help to keep it from breaking down. Chondroitin sulphate is also good for the eyes and can be found in drops to alleviate some types of dry eye conditions.

Hydrolyzed collagen type II (also called Biocell collagen) is collagen but it has been broken down and mixed with water. This can help to increase its absorption by the body. It also can make it effective, where it otherwise might not be. Recent studies show that this type of collagen can help to reduce skin wrinkles. In fact, overall levels of collagen were increased without noticeable side effects.

If your pet is suffering with osteoarthritis you have many products in which to choose. Jusuru Pet Blend has ingredients that are proven to help with this type of problem. Although Jusuru is made for people, the pet blend is a special formula for your pet. It is approved by many veterinarians and is natural and safe to take. You will not have to be concerned with side effects that can occur with some products.

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How To Ease Dog Joint Pain Naturally

You may have already tried glucosamine-based supplements for your dog’s joint problems but according to the latest research in the Veterinary Pharmacological studies, there is now a better way to ease dog joint pain through more effective methods. One such protein is called collagen, which is naturally found in joint cartilage of humans and animals. The newly-formulated bio cell collagen helps build new cartilage, thus reducing further damage to the animal’s joints.

This natural ingredient is easily absorbed by the body and is identical to glucosamine. However, there are some limitations to glucosamine supplement. Liquid bio cell formula makes it easier for the body to fully absorb collagen. It has been used in extensive clinical trials and achieved great results. In fact, this is the only product that can actually rebuild the cartilage in joints.

According to a recent clinical trial, vets noticed that collagen effectively reduced pain and lameness in dogs that were suffering from arthritis. It greatly improved their ability to move or walk around. Experts in the field of medicine also support the use of chondroitin for improving the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Dogs tend to age just like humans, and their joints are prone to wear and tear the same way. Arthritis and hip dysplasia can be debilitating conditions for animals. This is why vets recommend natural long-term treatments that have no adverse side effects. For pet owners, it can be upsetting to see their beloved best friend in pain.

If your dog has aches and pains in his hips, it can affect his life greatly. Jumping up on your bed, going for walks, or even cuddles can be painful. You can put an end to all this suffering by helping your pet get healthy again. Bio cell collagen promotes flexible joints by reducing stiffness. Your pet’s joint mobility will also be enhanced. By administering the liquid form of the supplement, it absorbs into the body much quicker than the pill forms. The only side effect your dog will feel is growing a more luxurious coat.

Once the joint cartilage is replaced, it no longer goes through wear and tear. You can keep osteoarthritis at bay by helping your pet’s joints stay lubricated. This is the most effective way to restore his mobility while taking away the pain at the same time.

Bio cell supplement has been used by people for some time now, but with the recently developed product that is suitable for pets, the manufacturer Jusuru has taken a step further. According to the vet surgeons of the American College, animal patients that were suffering with damaged ligaments showed significant improvement after taking this supplement.

If your four legged friend is suffering with joint problems due to arthritis, it can be a burden on you and your family. Before you even consider euthanasia, try the bio cell supplement as a natural way to relieve the pain that your pet feels. Jusuru has now found a natural solution to your pet’s problems so you get to save your pet’s life.


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